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Regression testing is a concept of validation practice which brings the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions:

Does the new revision of the product is working as expected?

With regression testing, we can confirm, that a recent version of the hardware and/or embedded firmware has not adversely affected existing features.

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Regression testing is required whenever:

  • hardware schematics have been changed
  • embedded firmware code has been modified
  • new features have been implemented
  • there is a change in the embedded firmware framework version (for example coreboot version)
  • there is a change in the binary components that are part of the system, but are developed by an external company (for example FSP)

Key features:

  • Fully automated, fast and accurate validation
  • Rigorous dependency analysis (requirements vs. test-cases)
  • Full (over 100 tests) or partial (on clients demand) testing package
  • RobotFramework infrastructure
  • Detailed HTML logs and spreadsheet reports attached
  • Bug management support
  • Time comparison summaries*
  • Optional CI integration
  • Affordable pricing

* available only with time-based regression service

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