Operating Systems Development

At first, let’s explain something important. Most people after hearing Operating System will imagine Windows, iOS, maybe Android or some Linux distribution. Yes, all of them are Operating Systems, but 3mdeb  focus on embedded solutions, which are able to operate with a limited number of resources, very compact and extremely efficient by design. These rarely have any GUI  and are designed to operate on small machines with less autonomy. That include devices used in IoT, robotics, healthcare, military, and in every field where systems are operation or life critical.

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What we do?

We develop and maintain Embedded Operating Systems for our partners. Simple as that. If you are looking for someone to create one from scratch, prepare BSP for your board which will control your device in the way described in a project charter, then you’ve found it.

We will deliver you Yocto or other Linux build system files that allow you to reproduce the BSP, which may contain i.e. root file system image, kernel, bootloader and anything that will be needed.

Moreover, we will prepare a whole procedure and documentation for the process and validate it.

For more examples of what we can do visit this page.


Why you should choose us?

We encourage you to check who we are , visit Yocto Project  , coreboot  and UEFI  sites. You can ask about us our partners  and you can visit out GitHub .

If you have a lot of time.

All in all, you will contact us  or book a call . Don’t waste your time.

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