What 3mdeb does for a living?

We, the people of 3mdeb, are a team of dedicated engineers and developers, familiar with almost every technology that is currently being used all over the World. We’ve mastered dozens of platforms and microchips, and have significant experience in collaboration with companies from almost every continent. We use all those advantages to create and support a sophisticated embedded firmware for our clients’ devices, for many purposes and with many features. For all the applications we definitely prefer open source solutions.

Why should my firmware be an Open Source?

The term “open source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. Open source software is software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance. We consider it much better than “closed code”, because:

  • We have more control over that kind of software. We can examine the code to make sure it’s not doing anything we don’t want it to do, and we can change parts of it we don’t like.
  • We consider it more secure and stable than proprietary software. Because anyone can view and modify open source software, someone might spot and correct errors or omissions that a program’s original authors might have missed.
  • We claim, that public distribution of the source code for open source software provide users that are relying on that software for critical tasks an assurance that their tools won’t disappear or fall into disrepair if their original creators stop working on them.
If it is open, why should I pay for it?

Because someone has to create it 🙂 Moreover, someone has to verify it works properly, and all the features are on board. As our Client, you pay for our time and knowledge. And if you are going to develop your device further, we can accompany you in your travel.

Why should I choose 3mdeb for development of my device firmware?

Because we are good at what we’re doing. We like what we are doing. We know what we are doing. And we know why are we doing it. But you don’t have to believe us. Ask our clients.

We prefer quality then number and we are not limited by the boundaries the most companies are. An extraordinary combination of agility and a skill grants us an ability to create exactly the product that fulfills your expectations. And your needs. No matter how unusual or sophisticated they may be.

Our dictionary doesn’t contain the word “impossible”.

Shouldn’t I’ve rather order this to a larger company?

No, you shouldn’t. Large companies have a number of ready solutions, and they will try to fit them into a solution of your problem. They are often strongly attached to their policies and will try to persuade you to follow the path they traced. This is not how we do that.

Moreover, in a large company every single section focuses on its tasks and its well-known tools. Not rarely competing with other sections. We act as a team. As one.

In 3mdeb we complement our abilities, learn from each other and in summary have many more skills mastered, than any company section may have.

I know what I want my device to do, but it’s difficult for me to describe it. What should I do?

This is a common issue. For purposes of describing our goals, we use project charters. This is a framework, which describes what our client essentially want us to do. Creating a project charter may be challenging, but if there is such a need we can help our Clients in creating one as a part of the whole project. Contact us, describe your needs as precise as you can, and we’ll help you.

Why should I spend about 200€ for a router?

Because you don’t want someone to Hack your PC. Or encrypt your hard drive. Or take your personal or business valuable data and sell it, or try to blackmail you. Moreover, you probably may be interested in safely connecting WWW via VPN, which takes a lot of memory and computing resources. Routers are essentially computers. One of the most important roles of a modern router is to provide security to its owner’s private or company network. More powerful the device is more secure you are in case of brute force attack. Good router insides contain good computer parts. With proper firewall software it will become a security lock, protecting you from digital threads just as enhanced door protects you, your family or your company from the physical danger.

How to send hardware to 3mdeb?

If someone want us to do some research on his device, create and support a sophisticated embedded firmware or to help in developing hardware, we need to get access to the device. The easiest way is shipping it to us. Address and procedure are described here.

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