Internet of Things Solutions

Internet of Things Solutions

Our team has a decent experience in:

  • Linux device tree,
  • U-boot,
  • Yocto BSP and application layers,
  • Remote eMMC flashing,
  • Remote updates of Linux based system,
  • Leveraging hardware-backed encryption and authentication,
  • Systemd services and units,
  • Automation and optimization of build and deployment processes using Jenkins and AWS EC2,
  • Software architecture, design, and implementation,
  • Integration with AWS IoT, AWS JITR, AWS Greengrass, AWS Lambda,
  • Enabling WiFi/Bluetooth, GSM/4G, GPS, and NB-IoT modules,
  • The fully automated system features tests.

Smart space for business.

IoT (Internet of Things) - we create an intelligent space, we make objects and devices communicate with each other, collect, monitor and process data without human interference. We specialize in designing dashboards (control panels) for IoT networks. They allow for remote control of resources using computers or mobile devices. As a result, the business gains greater efficiency and space is easier to manage.

Technologies supporting IoT

IoT webdev team

Depending on the needs and requirements, we carry out tasks in the following IT areas

We plan to work on project to achieve the goals within the allotted time


Positive user experience is the basis in everyday work with the product, which we carefully design the interfaces of our applications


We create logic and algorithmic. We are responsible for handling the data processed in the system


We safely collect digital resources of our clients


We provide the possibility of user communication with the application logic thanks to the Graphical User Interface

Why is it worth it


Our clients have different expectations, so we had the opportunity to undertake many complex projects


Sometimes an idea is enough, we will take care of its design and implementation


Correct operation alone is not enough, the key is the efficiency and optimization of the proposed solutions


Correct validation and test automation guarantee the security of sensitive resources

An example of what
we can exactly do:

One of our clients was a company, which is dynamically growing in the IoT market. The project was focused on the gateway they produce. It was based on i.MX6 and have a lot of peripherals:

  • CAN
  • Ethernet
  • RS-485
  • RS-232
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • mPCIE

Our task was to prepare the whole system from scratch, by the way we’ve also done:

  • Drivers and firmware for the end device (node),
  • Gateway board bringup and BSP,
  • Hardware-backed AWS Just in Time Registration (JITR),
  • Gateway middleware application stack,
  • REST API backend and integration with AWS IoT, AWS Lambda,
  • Dashboard for data presentation

Additional features

  • Our engineers can help you to increase your device performance by optimization of firmware, and provide stability, that will make your device the one, you can really relay on.
  • We’ll enable security features that will make the whole system a fortress, secured with cryptographic keys to ensure you, that your data won’t be changed or stolen. We have hands-on experience with Hardware Security Modules (such as TPM or Microchip ECC) integration and our security standards refer to US Department of Defence Instructions.
  • Our Validation Team, which is a group of exceptionally experienced and gifted specialists, will make a full bunch of stress tests, that will verify the product in the most tricky boundary conditions.
  • An over-the-air (OTA) update is a mechanism for remotely updating internet-connected hardware with new settings, software, and/or firmware. It’s incredibly important for such an update to be secure and verified. It may be unpleasant to be locked outside a rental property by bricked smart lock, but imagine a horror being a driver of a car that is remotely controlled by hackers. And yes, we can prepare IoT solutions that consist of secure OTA update for both the node and the gateway.

Our mission

Contact us if you have a startup or more mature company in the IoT area. We are able to build IoT embedded firmware from scratch, enable all features detailed in a project charter, and validate it. If you want to further develop your device, we can provide constant support and full regression service.

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