The role of firmware in constantly developing hardware projects is to handle all the features that are brought by newly provided hardware revisions. Our experienced engineers understand how technical risk and time to market pressure can place challenging demands and this is why we are dedicated to helping you be successful.

Let’s assume you have been developing a turnkey product. I.e. router with firewall features. You are trying to raise a new version of it every year, maybe adding new interfaces, maybe upgrading CPU or memory, but all in all you need someone who will follow you on this path and make firmware of this device stable and secure in every configuration.

We offer continuous support, meaning that you will never walk alone. History of our long term collaboration with many companies from over the world shows objectively, that we should be considered trustworthy partners. We are able to keep up with your hardware, and together combine your device with our firmware into the product.


Coreboot Development and Support

We are licensed coreboot consulting company. Providing various services related to coreboot is our daily task. We fix bugs, develop firmware and port new mainboards. If you would like to take control over your hardware with open-source firmware, you have found the right people.

Moreover, if you are a hardware producer you may, and you should be interested in enabling coreboot on your platform. coreboot is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems. As an Open Source project it provides auditability and maximum control over technology. We can enable it for you, maintain, and follow your device development process.

Our dedicated and experienced engineers will make your device firmware grow alongside our coreboot branch and will let you explore features, that you haven’t even imagined (i.e. debugging with extracting the boot log over the pc-speaker, or boot up in 400ms).


Support of Hardware Security

Due to recent emphasis on IoT solutions, which require sophisticated security features, many hardware developers enabled Trusted Platform Modules. We are not only familiar with these, we have mastered TPM2 and its features. Read more here.

Continuous Validation

Firmware is crucial element in some industries. Sometimes restrictions laid on the firmware have to be verified in order to obtain certification for example. It is obvious that human make mistakes, so we leave the validation to scripts and automatons we’ve written. Our continuous validation let us prove that improving the developed device doesn’t cause regression issues.


Why to choose 3mdeb for support
your hardware development?

We have decent experience in continuous collaboration with hardware companies, like i.e. PC Engines , our engineers have mastered countless technologies, we’ve got proper infrastructure and we are capable of rebuild or modify device for purpose of enhancing its possibilities.

If you are looking for a partner for a long term hardware project, you’ve just found it. Don’t waste your time, and contact us , or book a call .


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