Our company offer many products and services that may be considered not only for industrial or commercial usage. I.e. if you have a private network in your house, where you keep valuable private stuff, it would be reasonable to protect it with good firewall, like Protectli VaultlpnGate or Librebox, especially flashed with appropriate and secure firmware.

If you already have such a device, flashing it still is a good idea. It will make your device more stable, secure and even boost its performance.

You may also be an electronics and microcontrollers enthusiast. In this case you surely be interested in our Remote Testing Environment which will provide you a boost in a number of possible ways you can control your devices.

Assuming you are keen on security and protocols – OpenVizsla will open before you the door of USB analyzes and sniffing.

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Smart Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 are terms often used to refer to the trend of bringing IoT technology to the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 enables and supports new scenarios in manufacturing where humans, machines, production lines, software systems, and the products themselves communicate and cooperate with each other in real time to enable decentralized decision making and a self-organized production.

The basic idea is that devices used in the industry connect cloud using a gateway, exchange data (which may be instructions for the devices), and the cloud communicates with end users via API. An end user may be a person or another device.

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Security and auditability of IoT devices

Our specialty. We put a great emphasis on the professional ethics involved in balancing these IoT considerations. We use a wide range of sophisticated technologies, both server-side and client-side encryption using the most trusted methods, hardware protection and very deep validation of our firmware to make it reliable. We trust in our products because we know what we are doing.

Technologies used in Industry 4.0

In 3mdeb we mastered a wide range of technologies, that may be (or already are) implemented in modern smart manufacturing, like i.e.:

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And many, many other Open Source solutions.

Why to choose 3mdeb for Your Industry IoT solutions?

When you need your firmware to be each secure, trustworthy, stable and working exactly as you expected – there is no place for experiments. We’re sure of our abilities and knowledge. Check us.

IoT & Embedded

The Internet of things (IoT) is the extension of Internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with electronics, Internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware (such as sensors), these devices can communicate and interact with others over the Internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.

A growing portion of IoT devices are created for consumer use:

  • connected vehicles
  • home automation
  • wearable technology
  • connected health

Yet, still mostly IoT refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with computers’ industrial applications, including, but not limited to manufacturing and energy management.

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Our mission

3mdeb have decent experience in support IoT companies by creating embedded firmware, that allows the real-time connection, data transfer, online control, and system upgrades. All of that secured with cryptographic keys to ensure You, that none of Your data will be changed or stolen.

We are engaged in AWS IoT development from begging of that service and even used Thing Fabric from 2lementry, which was acquired by Amazon and transformed into AWS IoT. We know all necessary concepts, like Thing Shadow, MQTT and gained enough experience to design a correct system, which lead us to be leaders in embedded systems integration with AWS IoT.

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Why to choose us to
enable Your device in IoT?

You can consider us very experienced with AWS IoT.

  • We worked with 2lemetry – acquired by Amazon to build AWS IoT
  • We are Microchip Design Partners – first secure element for AWS IoT Just-In-Time registration was ECC508 with which we worked a lot
  • We know personally both AWS and Microchip architects and managers

We are focusing on IoT solutions that deal with real business problems and create real business value. Not just connecting stuff for the sake of connecting stuff.

Contact us if you have a startup or more mature company in the IoT area. We are able to build IoT embedded firmware from scratch, enable all features detailed in a project charter and validate it. If you want to further develop your device, we can provide constant support and full regression service.

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Safety and Mission Critical

A safety-critical system is a system whose failure or malfunction would cause a significant increase in the safety risk for the people and/or environment involved. By definition a system in which any failure or design error has the potential to lead to loss of life. A great example of such is a software which controls surgery robots or a control system for a chemical manufacturing plant.

On the contrary, mission-critical systems are systems whose failure may result in the failure of some goal-directed activity. An example of a mission-critical system may be an online banking system, railway/aircraft operating and control system, electric power system, and many other computer systems that will adversely affect business and society when they fail.

The high price of failure of critical systems means that trusted methods and techniques must be used for development and validation. For critical systems, the costs of verification and validation are usually very high, more than 50% of the total system development costs.

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Our mission

3mdeb engineers are experienced in creating, validating and maintaining critical systems for years. We are focusing on safety assurance and reliability, and we can prove, that the system meets its dependability requirements with specific validation and verification output logs.

Depending on the project charter, we can show detailed arguments and evidence that a certain level of safety or dependability required by a regulator has been achieved and a system can be certified for operational use.

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