coreboot flashing/installation services

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Are you now looking to flash your device firmware? It can supercharge your microcontroller by altering the original features. With a flashed chip, you can install custom tools, custom OS or restore your device to factory settings.



Why should I flash my device?

Many people use non-free boot firmware, even if they use GNU/Linux. Non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware is vulnerable, may contain backdoors and severe bugs. It can also be slow, and you are left helpless at the mercy of the developers. coreboot is fully free software, where anyone can contribute or inspect its code.

What is coreboot?

By definition coreboot is an extended firmware platform that delivers a lightning fast and secure boot experience on modern computers and embedded systems. As an open-source project it provides auditability and maximum control over technology.

Why haven't done it already?

With coreboot you can be provided with stability and maintenance on the highest level. Moreover, it will appear, that you have access to better performance and many options that increase your safety.

However, flashing is fairly complex procedure. Unless you are well informed about the process, you shouldn't try to do it on your own. Improper flashing can cause loss of data, or it may cause your device to function improperly.

Do you already own a coreboot compatible system? Purchase this service to have it flashed with coreboot. If it is necessary we can build it from the scratch.

Do you have any other device that you would to flash with stock firmware? Or with firmware, that you are sure about to be compatible and secure? We'll flash it for You.

How does it work?

Straight as possible. Contact us on, and we will check if your system is suitable for this service.

You purchase shipping, send your device to us and we'll flash it.

For service options details refer to Service Catalogue.
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