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NiteFury w/ integrated heatsink

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NiteFury is an Artix-7 FPGA development board in an M.2 form-factor that includes on-board DDR3 RAM. This combination lets you work with PCI Express at incredible rates from inside your laptop or desktop. You can also use NiteFury as an FPGA co-processor. Let Xilinx’s largest Artix-7 handle your encryption or act as a hardware-level encoder/decoder for speedy workflows. It’s your FPGA, design what you like.

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Sold out!

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Dimensions 8.5 × 3 × 2 cm


NiteFury Features

  • Giant FPGA: NiteFury features the largest Artix-series part made by Xilinx. It uses the Xilinx A200T FPGA at just under 1000 GMAC/s.
  • On-board RAM: The faster you process with an Artix-7, the more you may need to store. The on-board DDR3, 512MB (256 Mb x 16) RAM keeps data within arms reach, taknig the burden off your computer.
  • Popular Form Factor: NiteFury fits in the M.2 M key slot, popular in laptops. This slot features 4x PCIe for high bandwidth (2 GB/s). This way you are not restricted to keeping your FPGA on desk, you can take it with you.
  • Open Source: NiteFury is an open-source hardware. Repository available at GitHub
  • Expandable: With twelve external I/O in total, four of which are selectable as either analog or digital, you aren’t just confined to interfacing via computer. The connectors used in the design are easy to find Pico-EZmates and a DF52.


  • FPGA: Xilinx Artix XC7A200T-2FBG484E
    • GMAC/s: ~1000
    • Logic cells: 215,360
    • Slices: 33,650
    • CLB flip-flops: 269,200
    • DSP slices: 740
  • RAM: DDR3, 512MB (256 Mb x 16)
    • Form Factor: M.2 (NGFF) 2280, keyed for M slot
    • Dimensions (without heatsink): 22 x 80 x 5.5 mm
    • Dimensions (with heatsink): 22 x 80 x 10 mm
  • Host Interface: PCIe 4x gen 2 (2 Gb/s)
  • Host Tools: Vivado
  • External I/O: via I/O connectors – 12 total, 4 selectable analog or digital – JTAG ready
  • External I/O via PCIe connector: 1 x 3.3 V digital I/O (LED), SMBus
  • User-controllable LEDs: 4


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