Embedded Systems Service Catalogue

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OSFV Service Catalogue

Open Source Firmware Validation Service Catalogue

Flashing Firmware Catalogue

Why should I flash my device?
Many people use non-free boot firmware, even if they use GNU/Linux. Non-free BIOS/UEFI firmware is vulnerable, may contain backdoors and severe bugs. It can also be slow, and you are left helpless at the mercy of the developers. coreboot is fully free software, where anyone can contribute or inspect its code.

Regression Testing Solutions Catalogue

Regression testing is a concept of validation practice which brings the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions:
Does the new revision of the product is working as expected?
With regression testing, we can confirm, that a recent version of the hardware and/or embedded firmware has not adversely affected existing features.

SRTM Deployment Catalogue

SRTM (Static Root of Trust Measurement) is a technology which uses TPM (Trusted Platform Module) and cryptographic techniques to provide measurements of software and platform components so that system software as well as local and remote management applications may use those measurements to make trust decisions. It is used to protect BIOS, firmware and software from malicious attacks on a very low level. 3mdeb security engineers have enabled SRTM on numerous platforms as an open source implementation, and have a decent experience in its development.
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