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We specialize in firmware development, OS development, application development and IoT implementation, creating solutions from the ground up. With mastery of over 58 hardware platforms and support for 50 separate hardware modules, we’re able to create solutions in a wide variety of environments. Whether building innovative hardware or developing prototypes for Internet of Things (IoT) products, we can help you achieve optimal efficiency from concept to full integration.


Innovative BIOS, Option ROM and UEFI solutions are all part of a day’s work at 3mdeb. We are also official consultants for coreboot, and have experience with bare-metal programming for innovative tech products.

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Application Development

We are proficient at coding for Linux, RTOS platforms. We can design and develop applications for FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, mbedOS and Zephyr.

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OS Development

Our expert coders can deliver functional, intuitive applications written in C, Qt/C++ and Python. All of our applications benefit from extensive testing.

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Internet of things

We offer complete IoT solutions from concept to cloud integration, bolstered by experience with 2lemetry Thing Fabric, the predecessor to AWS IoT..

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Initial Contact

You’ve written us a message with a broad introduction to your planned project. We get our most qualified specialist in the area of focus you’ve mentioned and write you back. At this point, we want to determine what your goals are and how we can help you reach them.


Once we’ve agreed that there is a way of 3mdeb to help you achieve your goals, we can identify and prioritize those goals according to the project?s specific requirements. This is a project discovery phase where we determine the value of your project offers and the scope of our place in it. We believe that it is our moral obligation to understand and correctly scope each feature you need.

Proposal Preparation

We?re ready to make a development offer. Typically we?ll include a range of at least three options so that you have a set of accessible solutions, prioritized to fit your needs. Our proposals are fixed rate and fixed delivery date. We do not work with hourly rates. We reserve that for recurring customers, after building relation and understanding what kind of support is needed.

Internet of things

We offer complete IoT solutions from concept to cloud integration, bolstered by experience with 2lemetry Thing Fabric, the predecessor to AWS IoT.

Progress Reporting

As a transparent and communicative company, we’re happy to fill you in on as many (or as few) details about your project as you like. For medium to big projects, we set up private Slack
channel and schedule live conversation with a reasonable period.

Project Delivery

We’ve delivered the final product and remain available for feedback or adjustments as necessary. We always provide full source code and clear deliverables documentation for which ownership is transitioned to the customer if the license does not enforce other processes.

We are dedicated to achieving mastery of today’s most important technologies. Our familiarity with hardware drives the value we offer our clients.



  • BananaPi M2+ (H3)
  • Cubieboard1 (A10)
  • Cubietruck (A20)
  • Olimex A20-OLinuXino-MICRO (A20)
  • Orange Pi One (H3)
  • Orange Pi PC Plus (H3)
  • NanoPi M1 (H3)
  • Custom hardware

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  • PC Engines APU1D (G series T40E APU)
  • PC Engines APU2A4 (GX-412-TC)
  • PC Engines APU2C2 (GX-412-TC)
  • PC Engines APU2C4 (GX-412-TC)
  • PC Engines APU3A2 (GX-412-TC)

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  • ODROID-C1 (S805)


  • Arduino Duemilanove (ATmega328P)
  • SAM G55 Xplained Pro (SAMG55J19A)
  • SAM D21 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit (SAMD21J18A)
  • Arduino Pro Mini 328 (Atmega328)

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  • Raspberry Pi 2 model B (BCM2836)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 model 1B (BCM2837)
  • Raspberry Pi Model A (BCM2835)

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  • Adafruit Feather HUZZAH (ESP8266)
  • ESP-01 (ESP8266)
  • ESP-12 (ESP8266)
  • ESP-12-E (ESP8266)
  • ESP-12-F (ESP8266)

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  • HiKey LeMaker (Kirin 620)
  • Mini NVR (Hi3520)
  • Mini NVR (Hi3535)

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  • Various server CPU and PCH
  • Atom x5-E8000


  • Nordic nRF52-DK (nRF52832)
  • Waveshare BLE400 (nRF51822)

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  • SolidRun Hummingboard 2 Edge (i.MX6DL)
  • SolidRun Hummingboard 2 Gate (i.MX6Q)
  • Olimex LPC-P1343 (LPC1343)
  • Kinetis KW41Z (KW41Z)
  • FRDM-K64F (MK64FN1M0VLL12)
  • Custom hardware

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  • DB-88F7040 (Armada 7k)
  • DB-88F8040 (Armada 8k)


  • FireFly RK3288 (RK3288)
  • MarsBoard RK3066 (RK3288)


  • RedBear Duo (STM32F205)
  • Nucleo-64 (STM32F411)

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Texas Instruments

  • BeagleBone Black (AM3358)
  • CC3200 LaunchPad (CC3200)
  • MSP430F5529 LaunchPad (MSP430F5529)
  • MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad (MSP430FR5969)
  • RedBearLab WiFi Mini v1.0 (CC3200)
  • SensorTag CC2541 (CC2541)
  • SensorTag CC2650 (CC2650)
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 wireless network processor
  • BoosterPack plug-in module
  • Custom hardware

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  • MCP2515
  • MCP2551

Accelerometer and gyroscopes

  • ST H3LIS331DL
  • ST LSM6DS3 InvenSense
  • MPU-6050


  • SimCOM SIM900
  • Qualcomm MSM6290


  • Qualcomm-Atheros QCA9892
  • Atheros XSPAN