Remote Testing Environment

Your little helper with Testing and Debugging

Tired of using many different peripherals and expensive hardware in testing and debugging Your devices? That’s all past!

RTE is a hat designed for Orange Pi Zero board which runs specially crafted Linux distribution using the Yocto Project.

We developed RTE to enable programmers from around the world at a low level firmware development without hassle of expensive and bloated remote Keyboard-Video-Mouse devices.

In the result we have a tool which makes easier work with firmware debugging tasks. With RTE, your everyday work routines become much faster and easier to maintain from places not related to current setup location. Those include debugging tasks, flashing firmware, controlling GPIOs and power management for Device Under Test.

If you are firmware developer, tester, or just keen on electronics there is nothing, that make your life easier.

Read more about RTE specification and usage,

check the source files in the repository,

or explore examples of using RTE by visiting our Blog!

RTE makes the difference!

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