OpenVizsla v3.2

USB traffic catching has never been easier!

  • Open hardware USB sniffer and analyzer in a decent prize
  • Provides streaming out a textual representation of USB traffic to stdout
  • Indispensable in debbuging USB devices
OpenVizsla is an open hardware USB 2.0 sniffer and analyzer that provides user ability to see all the data flow between a host and target device.

One of the useful application of OpenVizsla is a collection of bursty data that is possible by special buffer memory. It allows the capture and inspection of USB traffic and helps with the reverse engineering and debugging of proprietary USB devices. It also can be a valuable tool for developers working with USB and especially those who are using USB in embedded designs.

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OpenVizsla hardware is mainly composed
of four chips connected together:

  • FTDI FT2232H High-Speed USB FIFO
  • Xilinx Spartan 6 LX FPGA
  • Micron MT48LC16M16A2P-xx SDRAM

The FPGA packetizes the stream, and buffers it in SDRAM. The stream is then sent back to the analysis host via the FT2232H FIFO bridge.

The Designers provides dedicated open source firmware, that is easy to use and verified.

For more details check OpenVizsla specification

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