muxPi v1.3


The highest density of interfaces per square meter for a decent price

MuxPi is an open hardware device consists of two main parts:

  • Main board
  • NanoPi NEO

MuxPi might be considered as some kind of motherboard for NanoPi NEO SBC but it can operate without NanoPi NEO. However, in such a scenario its functionality is heavily reduced.

The primary purpose of the muxPi board is to enable fully remote work with devices being tested, where hardware setup can be separated from the developer. The main advantage of this board is a large number of various interfaces, making muxPi very versatile testing board.

MuxPi is equipped with many interfaces to interfere with the user and the Device Under Test: UART, USB, ETH, microSD card, dedicated Samsung USB interface, HDMI, LED display, push buttons and LEDs.

Full muxPi validation set includes:

Category Description Quantity
device muxPi v1.3 1
control unit NanoPi NEO v1.31 512MB RAM version 1
power supply 5V/2A (5.5/2.1 mm DC Jack) 1
storage SanDisk 16GB microSD card (with preinstalled compatible system) 1
cables IDC 8-pin to microSD adapter 1
connectors 2-ways pluggable terminal block for DUT power supply 2
spacers Polyamide M3 spacers and bolts 4

If you are not sure what port will be needed to connect your DUT, if you require the highest quality and possibility to interfere with the device, muxPi has been made just for you.

Read more about muxPi specification and usage,

Countless ports are waiting for you, Cyber Sailor!

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