Simply put, Open source hardware is a term that refers to any type of device whose hardware specifications are fully documented or otherwise available.

What are the main advantages of using open hardware?

First of all – it maximizes the ability of third-party programmers and partners to work with a given device. In most cases, hardware manufacturers provide only a basic level of programmability by releasing software development kits (SDKs) or limited documentation about hardware specifications. Sometimes additional hardware information is available through partner programs. But with open source hardware, all information is freely available to the public.

If You wondered sometimes does Your webcam is spying on You, or someone is listening in Your microphone the main reason is that You’re not sure about all the possible features of these devices. That’s another big advantage of open hardware – You know exactly what the device is doing and how it works. If You understand it in a sufficient degree You can develop it, add features and customize it to infinity

If it is Open Source, why are You selling it?

Open Hardware means that You are given all the instructions, schematics and BOM (Bill of Materials) and if You have all the parts, and have enough skill then You can build it by Yourself.

This is like a recipe. If You can cook it by Yourself – fair enough. But keep in mind, that we are professional and dedicated chefs. Consider being our customer as visiting a good restaurant.

In our shop we offer some open source hardware products assembled by us or like RTE or TMP2 modules designed by us. Other examples of Open Hardware we support are OpenVizsla and MuxPi.

What can we do?

Let’s imagine You have a business solution, an IoT device that will make life easier, and Your wallet thicker. You know what do You want, but You don’t have enough resources or knowledge to make it work. We have both. Prepare with our help a project charter that will describe Your expectations, and we will create the device from scratch, develop firmware and integrate it with IoT. We’ll prepare all the documentation required to implement industrial manufacturing and maintain further development of Your project.
Sometimes You already have Your product, but there are some modifications required. Maybe they will affect Your firmware and make it obsolete. We can also help in this matter. It could happen, that You had to improve the security of Your hardware. Yes, we also can do that.

Why to choose 3mdeb for development of Your hardware?

Because we are the best. Seriously. We have specialists in any field You can imagine. Doesn’t matter if it’s about creating hardware, making it work, RISC-V, AWS Services, building Hypervisors, customizing Linux or anything else.

Size of our company makes us flexible and agile, our hardware and embedded engineers will fully cooperate for Your satisfaction, and all the resources will be allocated efficiently. We are continuously enlarging our potential to handle more and more sophisticated projects.

Check our satisfied clients, projects we participate, and contact us.

Congratulations, You have just found the solution.

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