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Please and thank you for the good job so far. Keep working please until all these requirements can be met. Look forward to hearing back.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the adequate and quick responses, thanks! And keep up the good work

Fortunately, the pcengines coreboot maintainers are awesome people and interested in enabling cool use cases 🙂 I pointed them at this thread and briefly described the situation & motivation, and a MCFG table is now pending review! If you aren't afraid of reflashing, you may already be unblocked 🙂

I continue to be impressed by 3mdeb's high-quality work on the PC Engines firmware (based on coreboot)! You can, with just a few commands, build a bit-for-bit equal firmware image on your own machine! Also they are responsive to GitHub issues and just got back to me to an almost-year old bug with a fix!

I simply join the words of lattera here and a warm welcome Piotr. (…) 3mdeb as licensed coreboot provider for PC Engines hardware this seems to take on a completely new quality. I am really impressed.

Very rarely do I see such quality transparent collaboration and communication. (…) I’d like to say thank you, Piotr, for supporting PC Engines. I absolutely love these little APU devices. Firmware work tends to be underappreciated, but it’s hard work and I would like to thank you for your efforts.

This company is a gem. If I had the resources, I would keep them all for our projects alone.

Piotr and all his team at 3mdeb were simply wonderful, I couldn’t find better.

Excellent user to work with, extremely professional and excellent skills for the task. Went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was satisfied. Would and will hire again, and would feel confident in recommending to my colleagues.

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