Because of the increasing interest in USB over IP topic, I decided to refresh my old post. I will focus on doing the same thing with the more recent version of Raspabian. If you need more information please read my previous post.

Setup SD card

First get the recent version of Raspbian, then unzip and dd it to SD card:

If you are impatient and want to know what happens in the background you can use this method of tracking dd progress:

Before removing card we have to be sure that all data were written to the card:

If this operation takes its time you can watch progress work writeback and dirty kilobytes using:

When sync will finish you can remove SD card and sanity check booting on RPi.

Kernel for RPi

After booting you should be able to ssh to your RPi and check if USBIP was compiled in your kernel.

Great! It looks like both server and client support was compiled as modules in recent Raspbian.

Run server side of usbip

Unfortunately, usbip userspace tools are not available from scratch and have to be installed:

Then you can run the server:

Without connecting anything we get only internal Ethernet device when listing:

Let’s put some memory stick and check again:

Good usbip see our storage device. Let’s try to bind it:

Client side

Let’s check if the device was correctly exposed by the server on RPi. Of course, we need usbip package installed.

Information is even more accurate than on RPi. Of course, have to be replaced with your IP address.

Quickly check if client support correct modules:

Everything looks ok. Let’s load hos module:

Now we can attach remote storage:

Let’s left some signs:

Detach and see if we will see this file on server side:

First let’s unbind:

Then mount partition on which we placed out test file:


This is a quick refresh for those struggling with running usbip. There are many topics to cover in this area I think about writing posts related to below topics:

  • usbip on Raspberry Pi 2
  • passing frames for RS232 to USB converter using usbip
  • A20-OLinuXino-MICRO/Cubietruck and usbip

If you any other preference or topics that would like to see on this blog please let me know in comments. If you think this post can be useful for others please share.

Thanks for reading.