Very short manual on how to set up irssi to work with freenode servers.
Fist, install irssi: sudo apt-get install irssi Run: irssi For freenode write: /connect Send register command for youe {nickname} and add information about your {e-mail}: /msg nickserv register {nickname} {e-mail} Copy and paste line, which you get from freenode registration server to your mailbox, to irssi. After that add freenode network: /network add freenode Add what should be automaticali send to server after connecting, remeber to correctly write your {nickname} and {password}, password will be stored in plain text: /network add -autosendcmd ‘^nick {nickname};/msg nickserv identify {password}’ freenode Auto-connect everytime when irssi will be run: /server ADD -auto -network freenode 6667 Channel autologin: /channel ADD -auto #debian freenode After all we should save settings: /save That’s all, enjoy!