Building EDK2 based firmware for MinnowBoard There are some options to build firmware for MinnowBoard, a Bay-Trail-based SBC (Single Board Computer) from Intel. We usually prefer coreboot as simplest and fastest, open source solution, but sometimes we want to have UEFI interface. UEFI itself doesn’t cover whole boot procedure, so its open source reference implementation, EDK2 is not enough to build firmware for hardware plafrorms so we need to provide PI (Platform Initialization) phase implementation. In EDK2 repository we can find only implementation for virtualization (OVMF), this option is covered in

this article. coreboot could be used to provide PI phase, but this procedure is mostly covered in the article on building coreboot for MinnowBoard, but we need to choose Tianocore payload. In this article we cover building UEFI firmware using binary objects from Intel. Whole procedure can be done using following script: #!/bin/sh -xe

edk2 (main repository), edk2-platforms and cache directory to respective mount points in the image (build script assume that they are all located in the same directory). So we enter edk2-platforms/Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/ and run source MNW2 Debug (for DEBUG version). If the build is successfully complete, we can find the image in edk2-platforms/Vlv2TbltDevicePkg/Stitch/MNW2MAX_X64_D_0097_01_GCC.bin.