I start to learn Ruby on Rails. As always when you learn new programming language toolchain is required. In this tutorial I will try to go through toolchain preparation for my Debian wheezy. Of course I based on Vim as my editor of choice. Second requirement will be using some parts of toolchain in latest greatest version. As a beginner point for learning Ruby on Rails I choose this tutorial. I will try to use their methods of setting environment adding my comments where it is needed. Also will resolve Debian and Vim specific issues. So let’s begin. After quick look at RoR tutorial I have to switch to this site for installation for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. But instructions don’t work as expected for my Debian. So after quick:

I realized that I need proxy for curl and not only temporary but permanent. I added below line to my


After that I was able to download and install stable version of rvm:

Next I sourced configuration:

Output which I get was:

Next thing we need is Node.js because this code of JavaScript runtime is under active development (latest version is 0.8.14 and Debian provided for sid 0.6.19) we use its latest greatest version from git repository.

Following by:

In my configuration only one test failed test-tls-server-verify:

Because of RoR tutorial requirements we install version 1.9.3:

Next thing will be adding vim-ruby for our favorite editor Vim. I organize my dotfiles using git. I also use pathogen to control Vim plugins (as described

here), so :

Finally we have ready to use Ruby on Rails development environment based on Vim. I suggest to take a look at this

movie and after that dive into  tutorial.