We are experts at firmware development, OS development and application development, with a special focus on Embedded Linux solutions.

We are also official consultants for coreboot, and have experience with bare-metal programming for innovative tech products. Each day, we provide BIOS, Option ROM and UEFI solutions.

Do you want to do something with your firmware?

We'll help you solve any firmware problems!

We start the work from project charter - sometimes it’s a research from scratch but generaly we have a lot of knowledge based on previous realizations

This serve you deeply-rooted research and technical analysis of your project Identification, integration and configuration


Are you looking for effective maintaining of your product?

We create for you all procedures and assure our long term subscription for maintain of the product Technical Support and Service

Our package contains the technical analysis of your product with all of our durable improvements. Don’t worry! You are not alone after purchase, buying Maintainership package ensures the support of our technical service. Our experts are always at your disposal. We guarantee a timely response to your requests and a professional assistance with your firmware.


Do you need consultations with firmware specialists?

Do you need consultations with firmware specialists? Thanks to many years of our experience, you will learn how to improve your code and eliminate all errors.

We know how to effectively manage your valuable time to fix all of the bugs in your firmware. What is the most important - our highly skilled team adapts to each client individually.

Don’t wait any longer and feel free to contact our specialists!