What we do


Innovative BIOS, Option ROM and UEFI solutions are all part of a day’s work at 3mdeb. From comprehensive feasibility studies to custom UEFI extensions, we’re able to deliver value for all manner of firmware needs. We are also official consultants for coreboot, and have experience with bare-metal programming for innovative tech products.

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OS Development

You can rely on our team to create valuable, dependable OS solutions for a wide range of platforms. We are proficient at coding for Linux and Android as well as a few of the most popular RTOS platforms out there. We can design and develop applications for FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, mbedOS and Zephyr.

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Application Development

Your products need high quality application development programming. Our expert coders can deliver functional, intuitive applications written in C, Qt/C++ and Python. All of our applications benefit from extensive testing.

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Internet of Things

Implementation Do you have an idea of an IoT product? Is your innovative product stuck in development due to unforeseen technical obstacles? We offer complete IoT solutions from concept to cloud integration, bolstered by experience with 2lemetry Thing Fabric, the predecessor to AWS IoT.

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Our Mission

Keeping embedded software up-to-date and secure

Developing a product that is compatible with industry standards

Hunting down hardware inefficiencies and optimizing firmware

If you’re a hardware manufacturer or a tech startup looking for high quality development solutions for your products, 3mdeb is the team you need to talk to.