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If you are interested in collaboration with 3mdeb, let us know by the
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You can receive an initial, customized survey on e-mail. Your answers will help us to prepare a Project Discovery for further cooperation.
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In the next step, we will arrange a free meeting, during which we will answer your preliminary questions.
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When agreed, on the basis of NDA contract, we will prepare a Project Discovery within 5-10 working days. Having it all set, we will contact you to discuss an initial plan of cooperation.
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In the next step, we will present a full project design, including quote. At this stage, we will be able to clarify the list of requirements and prepare the terms of the contract.
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After signing the contract, we will proceed to the implementation of the project, informing you about the progress.
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After the product is delivered and tested, our cooperation can proceed to the next project or include additional maintenance.
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