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About Us

Hello, I'm Piotr Król owner of 3mdeb, which is a Poland-based brand dedicated to helping small companies change their ideas into products by recommending technology, building prototypes and developing required software.

What makes 3mdeb different ?

We believe in open-minded and highly portable solutions.

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Implementing bleeding edge technology is our daily job.

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Our passion is making ideas work.

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Services that we offer:

  • Board bring up
  • coreboot development
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Linux and Android
    • Boot time optimization
    • Board Support Packages
    • Kernel customization
    • Driver development
  • Bootloaders
    • Custom bare-metal development
    • U-Boot customization and porting to new hardware
  • Comprehensive UEFI support
    • Consulting and feasibility studies
    • UEFI Board Support Packages
    • Custom UEFI extensions and applications
    • Development in TianoCode/EDK2/EDK/UDK frameworks
    • ACPI Source Language (ASL) debugging and customization

    We are open to new opportunities, so if you aren't sure we support your needs please drop us email.

    Open-minded solutions

    We always looking to utilize solution that proved to be reliable, open and supported by active community. Our expertise covers:

    • coreboot development - we are a coreboot licensed company
    • QEMU
      • Implementation for unsupported hardware
      • Support for Android emulation
    • Android
      • Boot time optimization
      • ROM customization
      • Porting to new hardware and new Android versions
    • FreeRTOS
      • Porting to new platforms
      • Drivers development
      • Application development
    • BSP frameworks
      • OpenEmbedded
      • Yocto/Poky
      • Buildroot
      • Crosstool-NG


    Our industry engagement gave us the ability to work with most popular technologies. Our hardware hands-on experience covers:

  • Hardware hands-on experience (CPU/SoC):
    • Intel CPUs, SoCs and chipsets
    • AMD
      • PC Engines APU1 (AMD T40E)
      • PC Engines APU2 (AMD GX-412 TC)
      • PC Engines APU3 (AMD GX-412 TC)
    • Allwinner
      • Cubietruck and A20-OlinuXino-MICRO (A20)
      • Cubieboard (A10)
      • Banana Pi M2+, Orange Pi One and PC Plus (H3)
    • STMicroelectronics
      • RedBear Duo (STM32F205)
      • NUCLEO-F411RE (STM32F411RE)
      • NUCLEO-L476RG (STM32L476RG)
    • Texas Instruments
      • BeagleBone Black (TI AM3358)
      • CC3200 LaunchPad (TI CC3200)
      • RedBearLab WiFi Mini v1.0 (TI CC3200)
      • SensorTag (TI CC2541)
      • SensorTag (TI CC2650)
      • MSP430F5529 LaunchPad (TI MSP430F5529)
      • MSP430FR5969 LaunchPad (TI MSP430FR5969)
    • Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 (Broadcom BCM2835/36/37)
    • SolidRun HummingBoard (NXP/Freescale i.MX6DL and i.MX6Q)
    • SolidRun SolidPC (Intel Atom x5-E8000)
    • Atmel ATMEGA328p and SAM G55 Xplained Pro (SAMG55J19A)
    • Rockchip Firefly-RK3288 (RK3288))
    • HiKey LeMaker (Kirin 620)
    • Odroid C1 and XU3 (Amlogic S805, Samsung Exynos 5 Octa)
    • Nordic (NRF24L01, NRF51822, NRF52832)
    • HiSilicon (Hi3518, Hi3516C)
    • Espressif ESP-01 - ESP-12 (ESP8266)
    • System emulation (Simics, QEMU, Virtualbox)
  • Hardware hands-on experience (modules):
    • WiFi
      • Broadcom BCM4330
      • Texas Instruments WL1831
      • Qualcomm (QCA9892, QSC6085, Gobi2000)
      • Atmel ATWINC1500
      • Sierra Wireless MC8755
      • Compex (WLE200N2-23, WLE200NX, WLE600VX)
      • TP-Link (TL-WDN3200, TL-WN722N)
      • Acute TL2136-2
      • Huawei E3372
      • Novatel usb760
    • Accelerometer and gyroscopes
      • STM (ST H3LIS331DL, ST LSM6DS3)
      • InvenSense MPU-6050
    • GSM
      • SimCOM SIM900
      • Qualcomm MSM6290
    • LoRa
      • HopeRF RFM95
    • Hardware security modules/cryptographic accelerators
      • CryptoAuth Xplained Pro (ATSHA204A, ATAES132A, ATECC508A)
    • CAN
      • Microchip controllers (MCP2515, MCP2551)
    CC3200 based Inernet Of Things application
    "If you are looking not only for a developer but also for a freelance CTO, look no more. He is very knowledgeable and more important, will look for solutions and best practice, even when it doesn't falls under his domain of expertise. He can run a project with minimal supervision or direction. I am very satisfied for making the right decision of hiring this guy. We will definitely work again on other projects to come. Thank you!"
    UEFI application to access EEPROM over SMBus
    "Piotr engineers elegant, extensible, and exact code. Coupled with a commanding knowledge of BIOS and UEFI, the quality of his work is superlative."
    BCM2835 GPIO support in QEMU
    "Piotr is an excellent embedded engineer and worked really hard on this research project. He is able to research and articulate very well and produces excellent documentation. Would definitely recommend him for any embedded project and looking forward to work with him again."
    Enabling nRF24L01 on Raspberry Pi
    "Competent, English literate resource who saved me a lot of time! Ideal for US customers as he works late in the night (Poland time). I would recommend him to others."
    Low power shock data logger
    "This was a challenging project and Piotr went over and above to ensure its success. I enjoyed working with Piotr and will no doubt have additional jobs for him in the future."
    Linux image with 5G wifi on an ARM/Allwinner development board
    "Piotr is the man. He went the extra mile to meet the deadline and budget even though it was determined later that the task needed more effort. He was readily available to answer all the queries. I was happy to give a bonus and will be more than happy to work with him again."
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    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    3mdeb Embedded Systems Consulting Piotr Król
    Burgaska 9D/10
    80-287 Gdańsk
    NIP: 2530164147
    skype: pietrushnik
    email: contact@3mdeb.com